We Build The Wall

We Build The Wall

Tucson Town Hall Meeting
Feb. 8th

Watch it here.

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Angel Families Update

Angel Families have been hard at work behind the scenes in the fight against Illegal Alien Criminals being in our country. We are fighting legislation in states that are introducing Policies to have Sanctuary Cities and Counties within their states. What this means to the average American is, the police departments and sheriff's offices don't comply with the 287g program that enables them to work hand in hand with ICE and place detainers on Illegal Alien Criminals so that they are turned over to ICE when they are released from city or county jails.

How safe can a community really be when Illegal Alien Criminals are number one; shown leniency in our court systems (meaning they aren't given the same sentences American Citizens are for the same crimes) and number two; they are released onto our streets after committing crime and are not deported! Don't let the liberal argument that having sanctuary policies in place actually make your communities safer; IT'S A LIE!!! These hardened criminals, who DON'T BELONG IN OUR COUNTRY, will commit more crimes because they know they have it easy in punishment from our courts! They KNOW they will never be deported as long as they stay in Sanctuary Cities and States! That tells you right there that they are concentrating in central areas in our country and have a strong hold; California, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Illinois....the list is getting longer every month! We need to stay diligent and make sure these policies are not put into place in YOUR communities! We have to work together as a nation to bring these dangerous policies to a halt.

Angel Families have been testifying in Florida, Maryland, Nebraska and Colorado to try and stop Sanctuary Policies from going into effect. Please research and let us know if you hear of anything in your area that we can be of assistance in.


Warmest Regards,
Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

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Sander Cohen

Sander Cohen

In 2017 I was feeling Mother Proud! Sander became a Deputy Chief Fire Marshal, Northeast Regional Commander, Maryland State Police. My "Baby Boy" was supervising a dozen Fire Marshals. His "Big Boss," Brian Geraci, whom I met for the first time at 2am Dec 8, 2017 when he came to tell us Sander was dead, were on the same page. We both believed in the "Sandman".
Before that, every Tuesday when Sander came over for dinner he and I searched on-line for his first house. He said it had to be in his buddies neighborhood and have good schools for his "future family". I was beyond happy! House, family, a daughter-in-law, grandchildren! Cool!!! My husband, Neil (PopaDoc), and I could see our families fabulous future coming to fruition. Then our dreams died. An illegal alien hit and killed my son and FBI Special Agent, Carlos Wolff, when he stopped on a Maryland highway to help Carlos who had hit the Jersey wall. Sander was a Volunteer Firefighter at RVFD, known as the "Rock". Medics he had worked with responded to the horrific scene. I was told there were 1600 people at Sander's funeral. I sort of heard Sander's friends and colleagues speak. I remember seeing 100s of men and women in their police and fire dress clothes. I saw people standing by the road in the cold for miles as we followed the fire truck carrying my dead child to the cemetery.
I spent the first year in the company of angels. I'm getting my happy back one day at a time. I went to Police Week and saw Sander's name engraved on their Memorial Wall. At National Fallen Fire Fighters, I saw his name engraved on their Memorial Wall. We went to the Headquarters of Maryland State Police and I saw Sander's name engraved on a Memorial. RVFD invited us to be Lifetime members. I see Carlos' widow, Marla, and her children every week. Sander's friends have invited us to their weddings. We help out at the firehouse and I am part of the Angel Families. We are bonded for life.

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