Hailey King

Hailey King was my daughter; she was also a mother, friend and hard worker with dreams of joining the Navy. On November 6, 2016, shortly before her 19th birthday, she became a victim of a hit and run homicide by an illegal alien. She was on her way home on a scooter driven by her friend David. They were one block from home when Sergio Larios - Rodriguez who was driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone, hit their scooter from behind. Hailey was killed and David left permanently disabled. Hailey, who was the passenger, took the brunt of the impact, and never saw what was happening to her.

Sergio Larios - Rodriguez then dragged the scooter and David, who was trapped under his truck for over 2,000 feet until David's legs were torn off and his body finally released. Rodriguez then hid the truck with the scooter still trapped underneath it and walked away covertly hiding himself for over 48 hours. He never tried to help Hailey or David; leaving them both for dead on a main thoroughfare in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Hailey survived for six hours on a life support system.  I was able to say good bye to my precious daughter. I promised to seek justice and to raise her daughter to know her mother. David survived but is now in a wheelchair.

Initially, there were no charges assigned to Rodriquez but after hard work and with the help of non profit organizations and legislators he faces charges including the death of Hailey and battery on David. Rodriquez came into the United States as an illegal immigrant and was able to live and work here until I started the journey to judicial justice. I am determined to work on public policy changes to better protect the legal citizens of our country. An illegal alien's actions have impacted generations of our family and left a little girl without her mother.

I have collaborated with legislators in the state of Arkansas, interviewed on FOX News,  appeared at national rallies concerning crimes committed by undocumented citizens, and I am a member of Angel Families all in order of hopes of saving another family from such hardships.

Kathryn Hall