Tierra Stansberry

My name is Chris Stansberry. Tierra Stansberry is my daughter. On June 13,2016 Tierra was murdered by an illegal alien. Johnny Sanchez set 2 fires to the place where Tierra was at. Not only did he murder my daughter that night but along with her murder he murdered 4 others and attempted to kill 2 more.
On November 8,2018 Tierra has been granted justice when the jury ruled on 5 counts of murder, 2 counts attempted murder and numerous counts of arson.  All jury members found him GUILTY of his cruel and heinous crimes.
My daughter would still be here and alive if our immigration laws had been followed. He has been deported three times prior to this happening and just three days prior to his malicious crimes he was in police custody.
My daughter will forever be remembered for who she is. She's goofy and knows how to have a good time, she's kind hearted and full of love.  She would do anything for anyone. Tierra is deeply missed by her loving family and if you think that illegals don't affect you or that this could never happen to you or your family please rethink that possibility.  That is the same thought process that I had and due to this I had to bury my daughter. With more illegals coming here day after day the possibility of this happening again to any family is greater than ever.

Chris Stansberry