A nation without Borders, is not a nation

OP-ED by Angel Mom Kiyan Michael

As the DNC releases more deception and support concerning our borders, and their desire to open our nation to wide spread overtake of illegals, there are thousands upon thousands illegals waiting in Panama and other countries waiting and hoping our President leaves office to massively invade and over power our BP and our borders.

As an angel parent who lost our wonderful 21 year old son, Brandon Randolph Michael to a twice deported illegal because of weak borders and a lack of enforcing our laws, I know first hand the devastation of such a preventable death. Every hour, one American is negatively affected by illegal activity, either by automobile crashes as in our case, identity theft, rape, murder, economic impacts, home and property list goes on and on.

Last year, I witnessed first hand the emergency at our southern borders. I saw our devoted BP agents risk their lives over and over to save the life of illegals drowning in an attempt to cross the Rio Grand River. Many times resulting in pulling the bodies of dead children from the river. Our BP are met with a hateful tone by the democrats in Congress who seem to careless that our agents at the border are under constant gun fire, vicious assault from the drug cartel, consistently exposed to all types of disease and at the end of the day, they deserve to go home to their families.

President Trump has shut down the disastrous catch and release policy by the former administration which illegals used to their advantage to desert their own countries, with a child, which dna proved over 80% of these children weren’t related to the adult accompanying them. Prior to President Trump ending many of the programs that were leading to the over run of our borders, the Obama administration was aiding the overtake of our nation’s borders to the tune of 140 thousand per month, consistently for months. We can recall observing democrat politicians like Corey Booker defying the law, crossing over to Central America and personally escorting illegals, ignoring our laws back into our nation.

I want the American public to know, I was at the border and there aren’t any children in cages. The photos they are seeing is from Michelle Obama’s husbands administration. Yes, Michelle is lying to imply otherwise. The only children separated at the border, have to be because as I stated previously, and it’s been proven, the adult trafficking them in aren’t related to them.

Our borders must be secured and President Trump is ensuring that they are. As our President has stated, “A nation without Borders, is not a nation.”

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